Advice from Babylon

He called you a Liar but No One Has to Know That

Q: From WarframeWasBetter595X, Chicago
Babylon-sama, help! You know how it is with us Chigaoeans. Last night I was in the club getting tipsy without my boyfriend. I was just there to have a little bit of fun, y'know? Get a couple of drinks with my gals, take a couple of (vaccine) shots, drink with my boss and forget about EVERYTHING from my miserable life. Suddenly, this incredibly handsome guy- Lets call him Fabio - Started buying me some drinks. And oh, Babylon-sama, he was so HOT. He was wearing a suit too, so you could tell he had some mad money. So I play along, just for funsies, y'know? Next thing you know, I'm going to his house and makin out with him and he asks for my hand in marriage.
So the next morning, I wake up, and I'm in this rich dudes house, and I'm like, Oh No. I told my boyfriend about it, and he's like, HOW DARE YOU! He started sending messages on facebook to everyone telling them I'm a thot. I just want him back :( I love him....

A: Its like, Yeah, you cheated. Yeah, you lied about it. But that doesn't mean He has to TELL everyone about it. No one has to know that.